Giving at BIG

BIG is in business to make the world a more beautiful place. It does so through the sales of quality beauty products whose proceeds support girls’ empowerment and climate action. To formalize its mission, BIG has joined the 1% pledge, UN Global Compact, and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • 1% Pledge

    As part of the 1% Pledge, BIG gives 1% of its profit to vetted charities that support women, education, and climate solutions.

  • Sustainable Development Goals

    BIG supports the sustainable development goals of gender equality, climate action, and universal education.

  • Volunteering

    As part of the 1% pledge, BIG employees volunteer 20 hours of their working year (paid time) through vetted nonprofit organizations.

  • Community Giving

    One quarter of BIG’s giving is protected for brand, employee, and customer-awarded community grants that work towards responding to crises, local needs, and engaging with the places we call home.

  • Preserving the Planet

    BIG is in business to make the world a more beautiful place. This means preserving our natural resources and ensuring that we are mitigating our contribution to climate change. We do this through reducing and offsetting.

  • Supporting Workers

    Through our nonprofit partners we are launching grants this year to provide workers in our factories with access to basic services, scholarships, and additional resources.