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Our story starts in a vacated boxing gym on the west side of Salt Lake City. That is where Logan Woolley started
Beauty Industry Group with only a handful of employees, a crate of products, and a mind bursting with ideas.

BIG has certainly grown exponentially over the years. We are now the premier source of hair extensions and lash enhancement
products in the industry, and always looking for more ways to produce and support beauty products we believe in.


Committed to continuous learning and improvement, we challenge ourselves to progress towards our full potential.
We are authentic and act with integrity in all situations. We believe in being honest, both with ourselves and others.
We believe in a contributive workplace. Together we turn into the storm and face adversity head on.
We recognize that all individuals have beauty and worth. We know true beauty is shown from the inside out.
We do with less what others might with more. This ensures profitability, so we can grow as a company and as individuals.
We constantly ask what we can do to improve the lives of the people we encounter and then, we get to work.


We believe first and foremost in people. People are our business; without them, we would cease to exist.

Beauty Industry Group is BIG, and always growing. No matter how we grow, we are a team with a culture of caring for each other and our products.
These are the people that keep the t’s crossed and i’s dotted every day.


Derrick Porter


Logan Woolley

BIG Founder

Richard Schoonover

Chief Strategy Officer, Founder and President of International Designs Corporation

Drew Johnson

Member, Board of Directors, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Gauge Capital

James Jackson

Member, Board of Directors, Principal at Gauge Capital

Michaeline DeJoria Heydari

Independent Member, Board of Directors, Vice Chairman at John Paul Mitchell Systems

John Golliher

Independent Member, Board of Directors, retired Director at Sally Beauty Holding Inc. and General Manager at Heil Beauty Systems