It’s been a busy season for Donna Bella educators, thanks to the launch of our new Pro Series education events. These regional classes feature hands-on training in Donna Bella’s three professional hair extension methods, certification following instruction, and interactive exercises designed to build camaraderie and community between stylists. Participants also have the option to enroll in a second-day Master Class, where they work under the direct supervision of master educator Ruben Martinez. Together, they tackle the nuances of real-life hair installation and business planning, with topics such as combining methods, overcoming adverse hair conditions, and pricing services. Master Class participants are also invited to stay the night in a local hotel and eat dinner with the educators and organizers of the event.

These events have been a smashing success in terms of customer satisfaction and experience. Participants have enthused about the relevance and applicability of the material, the veritable improvement in their skill, and the insight they received into the world of beauty education itself. Many also enjoyed Ruben’s antics and the friendliness of the environment. Classes have been held in Billings and Helena, Montana, Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, and more are scheduled for various locations in 2015. A similar series of educational events will be launched for Babe in the coming year.

Visit our Pro Series events page for more information.