Who is BIG?


Stories of growth. Stories of determination. Stories of unbridled beauty.

Everyone has a story, and ours begins in a vacated boxing gym on the west side of Salt Lake City. It’s here where Logan Woolley started Beauty Industry Group with only a handful of employees, a crate of products, and a head bursting with ideas.

Minus the boxing gym, you’ve likely heard similar stories. Ones where tireless efforts, a singular vision, and sleepless nights transform scrappy little startups into fully successful commercial juggernauts. Ones where risky business ventures pay off big time and the company sails headlong into the black, snowballing deeper into public consciousness, no longer fighting just to keep the lights on. Ones that tickle our hearts, start fires in our bellies, and softly reinforce that age-old idea that hard work coupled with perseverance always merits a slice of the proverbial pie.

We’ve heard those stories too...and we like them, but we’d like to think there’s a little more to our tale than simple “little company that could” cliches. BIG has certainly grown exponentially throughout the past 10 years, managing an array of industry leading companies and an ever diversifying product line. What really gets us going though? What gets us jazzed beyond description? The stories our products create.

From the people who manufacture our products clear down to those choosing them from a salon shelf, we hear stories of empowerment, transformation, and renewed confidence. Stories of enhancement. Stories of growth. Stories of determination. Stories of unbridled beauty.

These are the stories that inspire us. The stories that drive us forward in creating premium products at competitive prices.

These are the stories we like to tell.


We believe first and foremost in people. People are our business; without them, we would cease to exist. Because of this we take root in the following set of core values that provide direction for all situations in which we might find ourselves.


Passion for Excellence: We are committed to continuous learning and improvement in everything we do. We are all teachers, but we are also coachable. We have a strong desire for greatness in ourselves, our teams, and our company, and as such we seek to inspire. We won’t settle for the status quo. We have an aversion to mediocrity, and we believe in holding ourselves accountable in our quest to excel. We challenge ourselves to proactively progress towards our full potential, both collectively and individually.

Beauty: Our eyes see deeper than skin. We recognize that all individuals have beauty and worth. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to help others identify their value and promote their self-worth. We respect people—both ourselves and others—and appreciate and applaud diversity and the unique characteristics we all have. Our products enable individuals to feel beautiful and valued while at the same time reminding us that true beauty is shown from the inside out.

Authentegrity: We are authentic and act with integrity in all situations. Our word is binding and our commitment to self and others is uncompromising. We perform our work in a manner that aligns with our values and exceeds expectations. We celebrate our accomplishments with humility and never distort our image or identity as a company. We believe in being honest, both with ourselves and others, and we collectively seek to build and maintain an open and honest environment.

Resourcefulness: We do with less what others might with more. As a result we maintain long-term viability and sustainability. We make wise decisions and realize that we are stewards over resources. In so doing we work to ensure profitability, by which we can perpetually grow and increase as an entity and as individuals.

Contribution: We believe in a contributive workplace. The need for workplace contributors, as opposed to workplace consumers, is essential to our success. We contribute by identifying ways to progress and by setting and achieving high goals, even when it’s hard. We maintain that WE CAN DO HARD THINGS! We turn into the storm and face adversity head on. We are problem solvers rather than problem observers and apply ourselves to progress through ownership and accountability. We walk with a purpose and spend our time on valuable and worthwhile endeavors.

Customer-Centricity: We constantly ask what we can do to make our customers’ lives easier, and then we get to work. We pull rabbits out of hats, we hurdle high fences, and we deliver stellar service. We dare to try, we think so we can innovate, and we work to win.

I am fueled by meaningful work.