Introducing Sono Hair Extensions

After months of planning, prepping, and hair perfecting, we’re beyond pleased to announce that Sono Hair Extensions—the newest hair extension brand in our BIG family—is up and open for business.

Born from the confident Italian assertion, “I am,” Sono specializes in user-friendly, removable hair extensions that empower women to master their appearance. These extensions are versatile--available in 3 different styles, 3 different lengths, 3 different thicknesses, and 16 different colors—and, better yet, they’re made of 100% Human, salon-quality hair. That’s because Sono is a subsidiary of Donna Bella, and big sis is something of a snob when it comes to hair quality. Only the best will do.

Sono, however, is not so much snobby as savvy. It distinguishes itself as a consumer-oriented hair extension brand by supplementing its professional-grade products with straightforward instruction. Sono is home to an ever-expanding YouTube tutorial series, a thriving social media network, and a user-driven Customer Care center. It’s not just an online shop—it’s a platform.

So welcome to the world, Sono Hair Extensions. We’re happy to have you.

You can find Sono and all of its sweet new products and resources at