BIG on Utah Business

Weeks after moving to our new and improved BIG headquarters (shiny fixtures and all), we learned that our new digs have been featured in Utah Business magazine--which is, of course, a massive compliment from our local community. The shout-out highlights some of the key elements of our story--our humble beginnings in founder Logan Woolley’s furnace room, our development into a leading beauty manufacturer, and our status today as a still-growing company housing 40 varied jobs.

The feature has offered us a wonderful opportunity to reminisce on our progress, and, more importantly, to look to the future. There are many new and exciting ventures on BIG’s horizon, like all-new product categories, new distribution channels, and brand new brands. This move is just the beginning. So thank you for following our story, being our customer, or being our ally in these wild and dizzying pursuits. And thank you, Utah Business, for making our day!

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