Meet some of the team

Like any great story, BIG is chock full of inspiring characters...and a villain or two.


Alician Arnold

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Alician Arnold is an executive assistant and office manager here at BIG. It means she wears a lot of different hats, handling everything from receiving payments, employee payroll, and even the break room snack bar. Years of retail experience, an associates degree, and a certificate in administrative assisting have given her the foundation to succeed, but we think it’s her approachability, perennial smile, and unwavering willingness to help her coworkers that make her an undisputed all-star.


Bianca Villa

Content Media Manager

Bianca Villa began her occupational journey in the entertainment industry, working as a PR coordinator and even hosting her own traffic and music segments on TV. However, landing a job with a cosmetics company helped her key into her true passions: creative marketing and the beauty industry. Working as BIG’s Content Media Manager, Bianca strives to maintain a strong brand identity and to “close the gap between how a company wants a brand to be perceived and how the customers actually see it.” Her insatiable drive to create, her husband and 2 sons, and her huge collection of high heels put her well on her way to being a “super cool mom” and an integral player to the company’s success, but moreover, she’s a rousing testament to her own credo, proving that it’s possible to have it all: a happy family and a wonderful career.


Brad Thomas

Warehouse Technician

Brad Thomas is BIG’s longest active warehouse technician, and he’d prefer that it remain that way. The work draws on his long-learned independence and autonomy, his background in technical maintenance work, and his knack for building and understanding how things function, making it a comfortable and rewarding fit for his skill set. Outside of the warehouse, Brad is a practiced mechanic with an interest in cars. After completing mechanical school, he hopes to open a shop, alongside a pet rescue for the animals he and his wife retrieve from the street. We know—he’s pretty cool. That’s why we rate him a 12/10.


Brandon Hutchins

VP of Marketing

Brandon Hutchins is a self-described marketing enthusiast with a penchant for digital marketing. It’s been his major focus for the past 12 years, and it’s what makes him such an effective marketing director. Though his primary responsibilities include developing industry-leading strategies to market BIG’s various product lines, his overall goal is to provide high-quality products with effective marketing that helps enrich the lives of customers. When he isn’t in the office you might find him scaling the mountains of the Wasatch Front or traversing slot canyons in Southern Utah.


Brittany Houston

Customer Service Specialist

Brittany Houston can get along with anyone--that’s why she makes for such a wonderful customer service rep and account manager. Assisting stylists and distributors with their orders, questions, and concerns is second nature to her, and speaking knowledgeably about all things beauty is something she’s done before as a barber shop manager. What she’s really interested in is continuing to nurture and flourish her relationships with vendors, and continuing to grow in her position. That, and working her singing and social dancing skills whenever she gets the chance.


Britton Winterrose

Project Manager

Britton Winterrose started out at BYU, Hawaii, with a pronounced interest in business and a lifetime of project management skills. After a brief foray to Alaska, he landed here at BIG as the project manager for new business development, where he devises and pitches new business ideas, then develops the strategies and financial models necessary to make them real. Britton spends his free time investing, and advising friends in the business world on matters like sourcing quality products. He’ll apply these skills to making BIG the largest hair extension company in the world, and then take his hard-earned money back to Hawaii for body-surfing, hammock-reclining, and campfire songs to his heart’s content.


Candace Graham

Data Specialist

At first glance, Candace Graham comes across as quiet, focused, and hardworking. And that is entirely accurate. She’s one of our BIG data entry specialists, with several years of data entry experience devoted to processing customers’ orders. It is Candace’s creativity, though, that sets her apart. She’s a creative writer, a cross-stitcher, and a horse-trainer, which, she explains, is a time-consuming pursuit. And every once in a while she’ll grace us with one of her culinary conceptions, for which a number of us believe she deserves a raise.


Derrick Porter


“I want to build BIG in such a way that when I leave, it’s a better place than when I arrived.” That’s a direct quote from BIG CEO Derrick Porter. Strategizing sustainable growth, and rendering BIG the best possible place to work within the beauty sector might be on his immediate list of responsibilities, but fostering a team that operates under the principles of good and honest communication, unity, and problem solving are how he plans to get it there. While smartphone and wireless technology allow Porter to stay just a few screen taps away from company affairs no matter where in the world he may be traveling, being back at headquarters, problem solving directly with the BIG team are what bring him the most satisfaction.


Fred Wasden

VP of Operations

Fred Wasden has uncovered the secret to cultivating a charmed, profoundly happy life: lots of family, lots of service, and a loving and appreciative attitude. Now, Fred is sharing his wisdom with BIG as vice president of operations, cultivating well-being and success through the constant development and betterment of our internal processes. He takes his cue from his experience in mid to large-sized process-oriented companies in the U.S. and Japan (including Toyota), and from his studies in engineering. Most importantly, though, he takes his cue from other people, whom he has consistently found to be hard-working and good. But as they say: it takes one to know one.


Leyda Cordova

Customer Service Manager

When describing the ideal customer interaction, “grace and beauty” are the adjectives Leyda Cordova uses. As customer service manager, she focuses on giving attention and reassurance to her customers, leading them to positive and memorable experiences with the company. It’s actually the way she lives her entire life. We could talk about her upbringing in the Philippines, the video production companies she owned in Sydney, Australia and New York City, or her unwavering commitment to dignity and professionalism, but what really sets her apart is her infectious positive attitude. “I've grown happier as I've gotten older—I don't let myself get embittered by disappointment and challenges,” she says. We can all take a page from that book, can’t we?


Logan Woolley


Founder Logan Woolley’s occupational roots are in international trade and business, and it’s how he started BIG, sourcing raw human hair for extensions. With the help of his wife Kristi, along with an uncompromising competitive drive, Woolley has set BIG on course to grow from a single-person operation in the furnace room of his home to to a full-fledged holding company, housing numerous, successful beauty brands.


Luci Calvert

Customer Service Specialist Lead

It’s hard not to be won over by Luci Calvert’s soothing voice and calm demeanor. She’s a singer, and a veteran customer service specialist with a commitment to making every client feel important. She calls it “taking care” of them, ensuring the same edifying treatment that will nurture personal and company-wide growth. This wholesome attitude is characteristic of Luci’s lifestyle, full of reading, gardening, and hiking. And her recipe for fulfillment is incontestable: a base of good food, a sprinkling of travel, and a lifetime of learning new things. We’ll take a helping of that.


Melody Maglione

Purchasing Group Manager

Melody Maglione is the purchasing group manager, and while the job encompasses many tasks, her primary role is overseeing the distribution of professional beauty products and maintaining working relationships with the professional beauty product manufacturers. She’s a creative individual with a background in fashion, a passion for making music, and a penchant for watching old movies from her massive VHS collection. She enjoys engaging with the Beauty Industry Group products directly. “I love seeing the kinds of innovations that companies are making to connect with customers. It inspires me.” We find it inspiring, too.


Nyla Rhoades

Data Specialist

Nyla Rhoades is one versatile lady. She’s a quirky, boisterous, multinational mother of two, beset by continual wanderlust; but she’s also quiet and reserved, able to sit contentedly at a desk entering data for eight hours a day. Far from being incompatible, though, these traits are complementary—the product of data, administrative, and secretarial experience combined with an appreciation for novelty, learning, and contribution. Nyla satisfies her wanderlust vicariously through video games and novels. She addresses dispute emails and manages inventory. She earns 2-year associates degrees. And, on her best days, she sleeps in until noon and then entertains friends while the dishes do themselves.


Tom Volk

VP of Sales and Education

Tom Volk is a transplanted New Yorker who’s spent 24 years in the beauty industry. As VP of sales and education for Babe, he’s got plenty of professional experience to draw on. Still, he considers himself a “student” of the inner workings of the salon, continually learning new strategies and tactics for managing sales, customer service, and education. He truly loves what he does, educating others in the professional beauty space, but his main passion is utilizing his teaching and coaching skills to help others create the space to think differently for themselves. He also has a guitar named “Blondie” and if his house were ever on fire (and all spouses, kids, and pets had been evacuated to safety) it’s the first thing he’d grab.


Pace Lombardi

PPC Specialist

It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you work with Pace Lombardi, our skillfully easy-going, endearingly sociable, and perpetually smiling PPC specialist. His general good-natured-ness can improve your day in an instant, and his 7-year streak of SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing experience improves the company every day. Pace works vigilantly to ensure that we get the most relevant traffic to our websites, achieving the most conversions, all while keeping our advertising expenditures low (otherwise known as “making it rain”). And, when he’s done with all of that, he works just as vigilantly to maintain his standing as BIG’s reigning ping-pong champion.


Veronica Hale

Customer Service Specialist

Veronica Hale is a ball of fire. She’s a painter, a dancer, a yogi, and a fitness nut, applying her stamina to a degree in sports medicine—and it doesn’t stop there. At BIG, Roni tackles her work as a customer service representative with the same energy and determination. Asked to describe her goal in the position, Roni confirmed, “[I want to] make sure customers feel like we can handle any issue that comes our way.” And it shows. Roni pursues this goal every single day, and, what’s more, she does it with her characteristic smile. After all, hard work can be fun, right?


Paige James

Marketing Operations

Paige James is a little shy when you first meet her, but don’t let that fool you. At heart she’s a cheerful, funny, gregarious person with a spontaneous spirit and a sense for hard work. Formerly a retail manager, Paige is now a customer service representative and a marketing operations specialist at BIG, utilizing her affability and interpersonal skills to field customer questions, process stylist certifications, and maintain seamless departmental operations. No small feat, to say the least. While Paige is proud of what she’s accomplished thus far in her career, she’s always looking for new opportunities. Her latest mission? To push herself out of her comfort zone, better herself, and keep progressing.


Bobby Burnside


“Positive” is a word that Robert Burnside uses a lot, and it happens to fit him like a T. Add to that “passionate,” “perfectionistic,” and “unique,” and you’ve got yourself this epic BIG videographer. Bobby started off his career in video production as a freelance videographer, filming weddings and features for local businesses. He now applies this experience towards crafting killer content for our many hair extension brands. It’s this craftsmanship that makes Bobby so distinctive, plus his love for his job, his appreciation for his family, his funny yet earnest manner, and his rosy outlook. And let’s not forget his uncanny ability to recall basically any basketball player’s jersey number, which is “amazing,” to say the least.


Adrian Berriochoa

Warehouse Manager

What do sports and warehouses have in common? Strength, energy, teamwork, and Adrian Berriochoa. A Utah native with a love for the Minnesota Vikings, Adrian scores touchdowns as our Babe warehouse manager, overseeing each product and package like a real MVP. His resume boasts loads of warehouse experience, which Adrian utilizes to make Babe a stronghold in both the field and the back office, but his favorite gig is that of husband—even “traveler,” when time permits. Really though, Adrian can have fun doing anything. That’s why we love having him on team BIG.


Tate Wangsgaard

Facilities Manager

Tate Wangsgaard is as kind and as genuine as they come. He’s friendly, inclusive, and family-oriented, taking great pride in his wife and young son. But he’s also focused and determined to get things done. Put them all together, and you get a first-class warehouse manager. Tate describes his job as designing an ideal machine, a flexible one with consistent channels, efficient personnel, and few unknown variables. And he knows how to make it happen. Between his years of warehouse and maintenance experience and his coursework in psychology and business, Tate is adept at working with people to overcome obstacles. Plus he’s outdoorsy, meaning he knows how to overcome obstacles just generally.


Amanda Hollman

E-Commerce Liaison

Known to her friends as “a go-getter, a plan-aheader, and a make-the-world-a-better-place-er,” Amanda Hollman brings her brilliant outlook and various talents to work each day as BIG’s e-commerce liaison. Here, Amanda manages and connects with e-commerce websites, runs pricing checks, and makes sure that all our information systems are up-to-date, taking every opportunity she gets to learn and grow with the company. Outside of work, Amanda applies herself to her Master’s degree, building on her communication, journalism, and digital media background. And, when the weather is good, she takes time out to enjoy the sunshine with her friends, because--despite her workaholic tendencies--she’s still a So. Cal girl at heart.


Michael Montero


Michael Montero is a mellow, outdoor-sports-loving Los Angeles native turned BIG programmer. He comes from a small business, e-commerce professional background, and relishes the opportunity to learn and grow in BIG’s faster-paced environment. Michael has made it his mission to eliminate the “minding the store” mentality from our online operations, implementing systems that secure and automate BIG’s e-commerce platforms. In doing so, he strives to continually progress the company towards our collective goals, and to continually achieve what he calls the perfect day: a day with no problems!


Katie Root

Marketing Assistant

Katie can bring a smile to anybody’s face. She’s fun, friendly, and thrives on making others happy. Plus, she’s a diligent and dedicated perfectionist, making her the ideal marketing administrative assistant. Katie’s job involves a little bit of everything: managing Brandon’s calendars and appointments, keeping track of all marketing finances, arranging various logistics, and more. Basically, Katie keeps the marketing department running smoothly, so flexibility is a must. As a former 2nd grade teacher and dispatcher/accounts receivable, Katie has flexibility to spare—and, better still, she has a beautiful and contagious attitude: she loves her job, is constantly working to improve herself and her relationships, and is continually giving back to family, friends, and her community. BIG is a happier and more efficient place because she’s here.


Lexi Hollman

Trade Show & PR Coordinator

Lexi is a self-professedly simple (yet sassy!) Idaho-grown girl with a knack for adventure, a love for music, and a talent for organization. At BIG, she’s our Trade Show & PR Coordinator, responsible for managing our public relations and planning all the details of our trade show and education events. She applies her bachelor’s degree in communication and her experience as a marketing coordinator toward increasing trade show sales and elevating the reputation of BIG’s brands. It’s a hefty role, but Lexi is equipped with determination, intelligence, and an appreciation for hard work, and she intends to use them to complete her objectives. At the top of the list? Finish her master’s degree, teach, and continue advancing in her career.


Kayla Danford

Data Specialist

Kayla Danford is as funny and boisterous as they come. A Salt Lake City native and repeat resident of Air Force bases, Kayla is dubbed “the best T-REX” by her closest friends, and she dons the name with her characteristic positive attitude. At BIG, Kayla boasts the titles “data entry specialist” and “buyer apprentice” for Beauty Depot, where she does the back-end work for our e-commerce sites. Outside of work, Kayla’s interests are varied: hobbit quests, bingo, crochet, comedy and horror movies, or just enjoying some Mexican food and cuddling with her “princess love”—her pit bull, GiGi. More than anything, Kayla is proud of her strength and resilience. Also, she’s proud of her hair; it’s pretty sweet and she loves it.


Ginny Naylor

Brand Manager - Babe Lash

This Portuguese-speaking, BYU bachelor’s degree-wielding woman is well-versed in Latin American Studies, International Development, and the beauty industry. Ginny Naylor has taken years of experience as a hairstylist, sales representative, and educator, and transformed them into a career as our Babe Lash brand manager, where she works alongside Babe Lash distributors to develop the Babe Lash brand and cultivate success. Her mission is to make Babe Lash a household name, and she’s leveraging her hard-working nature and CrossFit-conquering discipline to make that happen. Then she uses her excess stamina to serve as volunteer coordinator at a local pet rescue and to, quote, “[do] something for someone that they couldn’t do for themselves.” Talk about a winning disposition.


Kalee Greenlaw


This California-born Utahn is an eclectic, eccentric, bright and colorful introvert. Kalee Greenlaw knows how to country swing dance; she loves watching Supernatural with her fiancé; and she knows a thing or two about Dungeons & Dragons. As our BIG graphic designer, she applies her unique vision and 5+ years of graphic design experience toward creating beautiful marketing materials for both print and web. And though she’s continually striving to increase her expertise and expand her knowledge of her craft, she’s proud of where she is in life right now: surrounded by good people, graced with a wonderful daughter, and on track for ongoing happiness and fulfillment.


Anita Shaw

National Sales Manager

When it comes to planning the perfect event, Anita Shaw is the person to know. This fun-yet-serious Portlander is our national sales manager for Twisted Fringe, in charge of orchestrating the successful launch of Twisted Fringe with our newest partner, CosmoProf. Anita is utilizing her past experience as director of business development and history with CosmoProf to grow Twisted Fringe into the largest Tape-In hair extension brand in the industry. The whole managerial thing comes naturally to her—during her free time she likes to host get-togethers, arrange trips, and just generally craft memorable experiences with her loved ones. Anita could not be happier to share her skills with our company, and she looks forward to many years of success and good times as part of the BIG family!