Sono™ Hair delivers instant style unique to the woman who wears it. With our 100% human hair extensions, we equip her to express herself and create a look that is truly her own. Whether she’s after longer locks, thick tresses, or brilliant bangs, she can be confident she’s wearing the highest quality hair that will follow her heart’s creative desires.

Sono Hair Extensions come in varying lengths and weights with the most popular 16 natural hair colors to choose from—and all an awesome, fair price, too.

Sono™ YouTube

Partnered with our silky-cool extensions is our Sono™ YouTube channel. About once a week we strategically release a tutorial or informational video for those with Sono™ Hair Extensions. Whether it’s a new, easy style for spring using a Sono™ Solo, or professional advice on how to dye blonde hair extensions the latest trending colors, Sono’s videos exist solely to deliver tools, tutorials, and professional advice so the Sono woman can make her own rules, taking total control over her new hair to match her signature Sono style. We want to help her flaunt her creativity and customize her hair extension experience to harmonize with her unique taste.

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